I'm learning about android and i have a problem.

I have some problems with de emulator so I run my app in a real device. But I have a problem because i have to simulate that I approach to some point. For example, i'm at x-10,y-10 and when I am at x, y I have to show an information.

I know how to send a position by telnet and I know the DDMS tool but, can I use the DDMS tool to simulate this in a real device? How?

I've read that:

With the DDMS tool, you can simulate location data a few different ways:

  • Manually send individual longitude/latitude coordinates to the device.
  • Use a GPX file describing a route for playback to the device.
  • Use a KML file describing individual place marks for sequenced playback to the device.

but I see that de location controls are disabled.

Thanks in adavance


You can use apps like Fake gps.


Download and install this apk. You can set any location.

To check whether you reached your location say (x, y):

Check the distance between (x, y) and your current gps lcoation. If the distance in meters between these two locations is 0 (In practical give a buffer of atleast 10) then you reached your destiny!

Location currentLocation = your current location fetched from GPS.
Location destinationLocation = your destination location co ordinates

if (currentLocation.distanceTo(destinationLocation) <= 10) {
  // Reached destiny
  • Thanks, very userful. So, is not possible to trace a route to simulate an approach to a point with the DDMS tool? I have to implement onLocationChanged to know when a user is n metres near of the point. Is there any way to simulate this? Thanks again – Carles Costa Nov 29 '12 at 11:40
  • Are you looking to find the distance in meters between two locations? – includeMe Nov 29 '12 at 12:14

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