In a VisualStudio 2010 solution with many projects one of the projects contains some class diagrams. When I try to open them I get the error message Cannot load '<class diagram file>': Exception of type 'System.Exception' was thrown.

Besides googling (I only found solutions for some different problems) I tried the following things:

  • removed some and all class diagram content: got the same error
  • added a new class diagram to the project: got the same error
  • created a new solution & project, and added a new class diagram: it worked!
  • created a new solution and added the existing project with the class diagrams: it worked!
  • deleted SUO and SDF file: got the same error

Any idea how I can fix my solution? Creating a new solution would be possible, but tedious, and I would risk to encounter the same problem again. Because the solution is copy right protected and massive I cannot provide it.


Follow these steps:

  • Go to Project » Properties.
  • Click on Framework And References.
  • Remove all the references.

In the properties of the project remove the reference under the Framework And References branch

  • The answer is identical to the above one and worked (+1), but less detailed. – rknuus Jan 8 '13 at 16:15

In the project properties, under Framework and References, remove all references that point to non-existent libraries. (marked with a red X)


This can be caused by an invalid reference.

  1. Project > Properties
  2. Common Properties > Frameworks and References
  3. Locate your invalid references; they are marked with a red line in the GUI and may result in a build warning like "The referenced project '......\foo.vcxproj' does not exist." remove invalid reference
  4. Class diagrams now load without error

Other answers suggest removing all references, but you probably only need to remove invalid ones.

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