I'm looking to use the Sitecore Item Buckets package from Shared Source since I needed faceted search functionality and it makes sense to use the built in functionality rather than writing by own Lucene.Net search.

Sitecore Item Buckets

I'm having trouble with the search, or maybe I am reading the documentation wrong.

According to the documentation in section 2.2.3 & 3.1.3 I just need to mark a field as "Is Facet" and my filter will show in the search results.

I've also defined a tag field on the template and changed the Tag Parent field in "/sitecore/system/Modules/Item Buckets/Item Buckets Settings" to point to correct folder. This is working correctly, I can apply a set of tags to an item and search from the Bucket UI using "tag:CSharp" and it brings back the correct results, but again there is no filter shown in the list. I've rebuilt the bucket indexes in all cases.

Am I missing something? Should these show up in the list automatically, do I need to change some settings or provide my own implementation?


This is all within the Buckets Client UI, I haven't started writing any code yet, and on a clean install of Sitecore 6.5 (update-5/rev. 120706).


I'm not sure the documentation wording around this is entirely clear at the points I've mentioned. If you read further down the document though, section 4.3:

Item Buckets ships with 5 different types of faceting.

  1. Templates
  2. Fields
  3. Dates
  4. Locations
  5. Authors

If you would like to introduce your own faceting categories then you only need to implement the IFacet interface.

There is an example of IFacet implementation in the documentation, or use dotPeek to look at the implementations of the existing Facets.

You also need to add an item to Sitecore: /sitecore/system/Modules/Item Buckets/Facets

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