Does anyone know how to import .dbf file into MS ACcess 2007?


Do you want to do this programmatically?

MS-Access has option to import the tables OR you could create a Linked Table.

EDIT: Open the MS-Access MDB, goto tables. Right click -> Import -> Choose the appropriate database type (could be dbf in your case).

  • how do i import the tables form the MS ACCESS option? Please explain more... thanks – sinisana Sep 1 '09 at 17:40
  • In A2007, it's on the ribbon under EXTERNAL DATA. Click the MORE dropdown and DBF is one of the choices. – David-W-Fenton Dec 17 '09 at 5:29

Well a VBA approach to pragmatically pull this information is to create a connection object connecting to the directory of the tables you want to pull from.

After that open a recordset to query what you need from the tables against that connection. A big benefit of directly connecting and scanning is that your not bulking up tables in your database to push you closer to your next repair/compact.

In order to get this connection however I needed some kind of ODBC connector, something the network admins came and installed behind my back when I switched to a new work PC and it suddenly broke upon connection. If this is something you would be using on other users PCs who won't have access to this (if this is a query you will be performing on a normal basis) it may not function properly for others...

  • Er, the VBA approach would be to use TransferDatabase to import each DBF file in turn. – David-W-Fenton Dec 17 '09 at 5:25

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