Travis-CI detects wrong trigger?

Travis detects wrong commit as trigger? Github send wrong hook? Where is mistake in my workflow?

My workflow

$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout -b feature-foo origin/master
 (edit, delete, commit…)
$ git push origin feature-foo:feature-foo

 (sometimes time passed)
$ git fetch origin
$ git checkout -b feature-bar origin/master
 (edit, delete, commit…)
$ git push origin feature-bar:feature-bar
# Then problem happens!

I pushed only feature-bar, but travis detects master commit. Travis build history hides this commit, so this shows only #1 and #3.

I have two problems:

  • Wrong detect as master commit, and sometimes fail
  • Wrong detect spend actual build time

My repos:

Travis Build History https://travis-ci.org/sanemat/tsurapoyo/builds only show #1 and #3





The branch shown in #2 is the branch a pull request is sent against. We show slightly different details on Travis for builds that originated in a pull request and builds that are the result of normal branch pushes.

For branch pushes we show the branch that was pushed to, and for pull requests we show the branch the pull request was sent against.

The pull request is also not shown in the builds tab, it has its own tab in your repository on Travis: https://travis-ci.org/sanemat/tsurapoyo/pull_requests

  • Sometimes, in github's pull request page, travis result is shown like: "Determining merge status — The Travis build is in progress (Details)" detects build #1 or #2 indefinite. Detecting #2 in pull request page is bug, I think. – Matt - sanemat Dec 5 '12 at 8:59

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