I want to receive some sort of notification when my iOS app receives a new rating or comment in the AppStore. The iTC Mobile app provides no means that I can find to receive notifications when a new rating is added.

For my Android apps, I use Andlytics which presents a notification anytime a new comment or rating is added - is there anything similar that anyone knows about for iOS?

I don't care if it's a push notification to my iPhone, an email, an SMS or something else - I'm just looking for a way to be notified when this event happens.


I finally found the perfect solution: LaunchKit w/ slack integration. I get a message in slack every time a new iOS review shows up, and it's great.


I find the mail that App Annie distributes daily to be a good compilation of sales data and user reviews. http://www.appannie.com

  • Awesome - I can't believe I didn't know about this yet. I just signed up and am already very impressed with the amount of data they provide...huge bonus that it's free. Thanks! – DiscDev Nov 30 '12 at 21:52
  • Nowadays, I use LaunchKit with a hook to Slack, so I get a slack message every time a new review is written. – DiscDev May 13 '16 at 21:42

I've been using https://appbot.co which sends daily emails with the reviews from all countries. Has been working great.


One more great resource to get app status. https://github.com/mattlawer/appstat.git

Look at the usage, its pretty cool. No need to register.


There is no need for using 3rd party services. Apple provides a RSS feed: Are there RSS feeds for iOS apps' reviews on the app store?

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