So I have the before request routing for my user module. But now I want to access g.users from other blueprints as well. I found the only way to do it, is to copy the code below to every single blueprint.

I tried putting it in my app.py for @app.before_request, but then you have errors because you have to import session, g, User, and then still you get _requestglobal errors in other places.

def before_request():
  g.user = None
  if 'user_id' in session:
    g.user = User.query.get(session['user_id']);

What's the best place to put it?

I get a lot of:

AttributeError: '_RequestGlobals' object has no attribute 'user'
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    app.before_request should work. Can you post an example of a place where you would get the AttributeError when using app.before_request? – Sean Vieira Dec 1 '12 at 14:34
  • Damnit, apparently, I didn't set it up right in @ app, I added the function but forgot to use it. Now it seems to work fine with @app in every single blueprint. I thought the other blueprints weren't seeing it. – Dexter Dec 1 '12 at 16:16

I think you doing it good by trying initiate user in before_request, the problem is that g object has nothing before the request, so you need to deal with it differently. Get the user from cookies in before_request most probably and then later add it to session, from there maybe to g. I think it would be worth to take a look at or use Flask-login. Or just read the code of it and maybe it will give you some ideas.

  • i been looking into that. But I don't understand why it's needed because I thought flask already created an automatic cookie to preserve session data. – Dexter Dec 1 '12 at 16:13

A little late here but:
This is what I do:
Use the Blueprint variable to set the before request

myblueprint = Blueprint('myblueprint', __name__, template_folder="templates")

def before_myblueprint():
    #code here


Blueprint.before_request is called before each request within the blueprint. If you want to call it before all blueprints, please use before_app_request.

  • I believe this is the best answer. – bsa May 29 at 11:55

I'm even later here, but incrementing on Johnston's answer, you could use the same before_request decorator as well, for example:

bp_v1 = Blueprint('api_v1', __name__)

def before_anything():

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