I write a code for build an extension to connect to mysql database via mysql_connect.

My code is compiled, but when I want to use my function in PHP, it take a loop and not work probably. here is my C++ code:

zval fname, *args[3], *retval = NULL;

ZVAL_STRING(&fname, "mysql_connect", 0);

ZVAL_STRING(args[0], "localhost", 1);

ZVAL_STRING(args[1], "root", 1);

ZVAL_STRING(args[2], "", 1);

if (call_user_function(EG(function_table), NULL, &fname, retval, 3, args TSRMLS_CC) == SUCCESS) {



any body can help me?

I just want to return my resource connection.

I know that "retval" is myresource but I do not know how can return this resource into my php code.

  • I don't think retval can be NULL. It can be if you use call_user_function_ex() instead, as that function takes a zval ** for the return value.
    – cleong
    Commented Dec 1, 2012 at 15:40
  • I just solve the problem with define retval: zval retval. I have one problem to return my resource connection. c++ compiler tell me 'zif_ig_connect_to_database' : 'void' function returning a value. how can I return my resource?
    – MGH
    Commented Dec 2, 2012 at 14:28

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I do not know it is true if I answer my question or not but my problem is solved with this code:

*return_value = retval;

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