I am trying something rather basic in Sphinx. I have some images, but I prefer to keep them pretty small, and I want to allow the user to click on them to get the larger image. I do not find a syntactic way to combine image: or figure: with ref: or link:.

.. image:: _static/my_image_small.png

and I have in the same folder my_image_large.png.

If you come up with a solution, should the larger image just be a file with an explicit link to it or do I create a reSt file with an additional image: tag? An alternative could be to play with the image sizes in the reSt file, but then I still do not know how to create the link from the small image to the large image.

Thank you for helping me.


Just use the target directive. You would end up with something like:

.. image:: _static/my_image_small.png
   :target: _static/my_image_large.png

It is not strictly necessary to use the references to the static folder in your source. They will be copied to the _images folder anyway when you build the docs (so you will have them twice in your builds, without needing them there).

I always use a folder called figures next to the source folder where I manage the images. The my_image_large.png files, however, you would want to place in the _static folder as the contents will be copied on build.

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