I am using EF 4.1, code first and want a property on a customer entity built up of a constant string value and the customerId zero padded to act as a customer reference.

I might be being a bit daft but am struggling to work out how I can achieve this without A) having to savechanges twice, once to get the Id then set my reference and save again B) having a partial Customer class that simply provides a getter returning constant + CustomerId.Tostring("000000")

Is this "doable" with code first?

If you can change the database I would make a computed column for this. Thus, you leave it to the database to generate a reference value and it will also be available to other consumers of the database (if any).

Your Customer class will have a property like CustomerReference (string) that maps to the computed column and that is configured to have DatabaseGeneratedOption.Computed which will cause EF to read the value after inserting an object.

  • This sounds like a truly beautiful approach. Cheers – CheGuevarasBeret Dec 4 '12 at 15:14

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