I need to do some cryptography based work, and I have found out Bouncy Castle API which is both available for C# and Java, for Java it has documentation, but it has no documentation for C#.

Can anyone provide me some resources from where I can get idea for using Bouncy Castle with C#?


I also couldn't find any C#-documentation for Bouncy Castle API. Seems, like it doesn't exist.

But you can go this way. Download library sources, and look at them a little. Code actually looks like Java-code, but it has minimal differences:

  1. Some base classes moved to interfaces
  2. All the methods and properties are named in 'UpperCamelCase'

Therefore you can freely use Java-documentation. And finally, some example for it usage in C#.

Also, want to add, answer for this question really helps me in one time.


I found some getting started document for the FIPS compliant C# version on the bouncyCastle website

Should be applicable for the non-FIPS version as well.

  • That's out of date. – Joke Huang Sep 10 at 20:31

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