Trying to setup remote gdb debugging in eclipse . when i try to debug i get:

 Error in final launch sequence
 Failed to execute MI command: -target-select remote LOCALHOST:2345
 Error message from debugger back end:
  LOCALHOST:2345: Connection timed out.
  LOCALHOST:2345: Connection timed out.

My gdb debugger is set up correctly


( executing this i can get gdb shell )

any idea what i am doing wrong ? i think this is pretty elementary??


this happens if the gdb client ( inside eclipse ) is not compiled for the same architecture as the gdb server. setting the correct gdb in eclipse debugging solved this issue

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    Can you please suggest the steps to correct the gdb setting. – kapilddit Nov 19 '15 at 9:20
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    @kapilddit open edebug settings --> Debugger --> Main Tab --> Browse to gdb compiled for the same platform ( it is usually part of the toolchain for that platform ) . For example, this is how remote debugging is configured for debugging c++ program on a raspberry pi : i.imgur.com/z4Ul4or.png – Shrouk Khan Nov 20 '15 at 1:53

The connection is using localhost instead of the remote host. To correct, in eclipse go to

Run->Debug Configurations..

Here choose the Debugger tab, inside there are three additional tabs (Main, Shared Libraries, Connections). In connections you can give the proper ip for the remote machine.

  • Yes, if gdb cannot reach the remote machine (which is running gdbserver) due to many various reasons, you could get this error message. – wisbucky Jun 27 '18 at 21:35

Switched to Debug view (upper right button), I then in the top menu bar towards the left I clicked the red box Terminate button. Then I was able to launch debug again.


This issue is created because of two reason:

  1. if break point is enable so go to run and skip breakpoint
  2. if debug device is not set correctly so go to Debug configure as and check for Debugger option is filled correctly.

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