Given a rails 3.2 app running on Ruby 1.9:

I've got incoming data (posted from an external service over which I have no control) which comes in a post with paramaters encoded with ISO-8859-1 with no encoding specified in the content-type (application/x-www-form-urlencoded).

This could be interpreted to be valid according to HTTP1.1 specs but is out of my control (and certainly it would be 100% valid if they specified the encoding in the content-type)

However it seems like rails 3 automatically assumes UTF-8. And so any non-ascii chars are giving me errors. Is there any good way to fix this? (Other than just hacking in a check and a reconversion within the action?)

PS: in case it helps, here's a test fragment that calls the error:

  post "incoming", {'content'=>"some content with a pound-sterling sign encoded like this: \xA3 "}

Here's my pro-tem answer (given that in my case I always know the source is going to 8859-1 encode the text and I have only one important parameter):


However this could be done for all the params (to one level deep)

def params_to_iso_8859_1 
  params.each_value{|v| v.force_encoding('iso-8859-1').encode! if v.respond_to(:force_encoding)}

and this could then be a filter.

It's a bit more involved if you've got nested params, or if you want to look at the encoding given in the post's request params.

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