I am developing a Sencha touch 2 application. I have been following the "Styling the user interface of a Sencha Touch application" tutorial on theming of secha touch applications.

It requires me to install Ruby, Compass and SASS. I installed Ruby using the installer from rubyinstaller.org.

On executing the following command, I get the expected result which confirms correct installation:

C:\>ruby -v

ruby 1.9.3p327 (2012-11-10) [i386-mingw32]

Current source is up to date:

C:\>gem sources



Next, since I am behind a proxy, I used the following command to install HAML/Compass:

C:\>gem install -p [proxy:port] compass

ERROR:  While executing gem ... (Zlib::GzipFile::Error)
not in gzip format**

Can someone help me? I found solutions such as system update, gem sources update, but everything is up to date on my system.


C:\>gem install compass

works perfectly fine on my private system. When I try the same command from my workplace I need to use the proxy as mentioned above and that results in an error.

  • C:\>gem install compass works fine on my private system. But at my workplace, I need to use a proxy in my command : C:\>gem install -p [proxy:port] compass which throws the above mentioned error. – senchaDev Dec 3 '12 at 15:06
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I assume the ERROR occurs since the web sense at my workplace blocks these downloads.

Solution: I downloaded the required gems: chunky_png, fssm, compass, sass, haml etc.. directly from http://rubygems.org/gems and placed these gems in my local directory.

After this I tried gem install compass. This first searches your local directory. On finding the required gems, installation takes place. Does not require connection to the ruby website.

Note: Run the command from the path where the gems are located

eg: I have placed the gems in C:\Ruby193\lib\ruby\gems\1.9.1\gems

So I run the following command :

C:\Ruby193\lib\ruby\gems\1.9.1\gems>gem install compass

  • Very Good solution for all type of gems which show ERROR: While executing gem ... (Zlib::GzipFile::Error) – Krishna Rani Sahoo Jan 13 '14 at 14:25
  • I had the similar issue of access controlled for gem files and I have resolved it by @senchaDev's approach for installing sass and compass. Thanks a ton. – Bharat Dodeja Feb 20 '14 at 14:23
  • This did not work for me. I actually had to download the .gem file manually and then sudo gem install --local mailfactory-1.4.0.gem – code_dredd Feb 8 '16 at 21:32

I had a similar problem, it worked on my own private laptop, but failed while using a virtual server at work (running Ubuntu 12.10) that used a proxy.

Following the suggestion I found here, from the command line I defined:

export HTTPS_PROXY=proxy-address:proxy-port-number

export HTTP_PROXY=proxy-address:proxy-port-number

and then my gem install package worked fine.

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