I would like to create a plot with several lines, each corresponding to a row at a given matrix.

To be more elaborate, I have got a matrix M where each row represents a value that is changing along the columns. I would like to plot this change as a function of the column index to each of the rows, so to plot (e.g) the first rowI should :


The thing is, I would like to plot all the rows. Of course I could iterate over them, hold and plot the current one:


but I'm wondering if there's a simple command or a single-liner that would do it.

I have tried plotmatrix but without much success regarding the desirable results.



Have you tried plot(M')?

From the first paragraph of the documentation of plot:

plot(Y) plots the columns of Y versus the index of each value when Y is a real number.

  • Yep, pretty simple indeed :) Thanks! – Ohad Dan Dec 3 '12 at 17:07

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