I would like to achieve the following:

/webapp-context/Page-1               -> Handled by my custom "ContentServlet"
/webapp-context/Another-Page         -> Handled by my custom "ContentServlet"
/webapp-context/Page-with-long-title -> Handled by my custom "ContentServlet"

/webapp-context/_cms/<something>.zul -> Handled by ZK framework

My latest attempt looks like this (web.xml extract):



Unfortunately now my content servlet handles all requests (I thought the more specific pattern takes precedence?).

No conflict exists if i map my content servlet to the pattern "/webapp-context/content/*", but that's not what I want.

Thanks for your time.


I just found a solution through this question: Difference between / and /* in servlet mapping url pattern

Using '/' instead of '/*' did the trick for me.


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