Howdy! I am looking for a way to list all of the image files in a posts' media library.

What I mean by this is if a file has been uploaded while creating or editing a post, is the file associated with the post in some way, and can I create a list from this data.

I think that the next_image_link() / previous_image_link(); template tag is as close as I have found.

I think that this should be close:

$query = 'SELECT * FROM `wp_posts` 
WHERE `post_parent` = \''.$_GET['post_id'].'\' 
AND  `post_mime_type` = \'image/jpeg\' 
ORDER BY `menu_order` ASC';


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    DON'T EVER DO THIS - you are setting yourself up to have your database and/or application compromized via SQL injections. Any time you build a database query string directly from data you get from the client, you are doing it wrong. Always use parameterized queries. – BryanH Jul 10 '12 at 19:26

In wordpress terminology, every image you uploaded to particular post is called attachment. To list all attachment, you can use get_children() function:

$images =& get_children( 'post_type=attachment&post_mime_type=image&post_parent=10' );

foreach( (array) $images as $attachment_id => $attachment )
   echo "<a href='".wp_get_attachment_link( $attachment_id ) . "'>image $counter</a><br />";

The algorithm is something like that.


If you are looking for a plugin to manage image gallery, you can use attachments plugin,


It keeps the gallery separate and does not put the image gallery shortcodes in post content, thus providing you with full hold over image display in your post/page/custom post. You can also change the order of your images by just drag-n-drop

here is a sample code of how to retrieve your gallery images,

<?php $attachments = new Attachments( 'attachments' ); /* pass the instance name */ ?>
<?php if( $attachments->exist() ) : ?>
  <p>Total Attachments: <?php echo $attachments->total(); ?></p>
    <?php while( $attachments->get() ) : ?>
        ID: <?php echo $attachments->id(); ?><br />
        Type: <?php echo $attachments->type(); ?><br />
        Subtype: <?php echo $attachments->subtype(); ?><br />
        URL: <?php echo $attachments->url(); ?><br />
        Image: <?php echo $attachments->image( 'thumbnail' ); ?><br />
        Source: <?php echo $attachments->src( 'full' ); ?><br />
        Size: <?php echo $attachments->filesize(); ?><br />
        Title Field: <?php echo $attachments->field( 'title' ); ?><br />
        Caption Field: <?php echo $attachments->field( 'caption' ); ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>
<?php endif; ?> 

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