I'm currently working on an Asp.net MVC Web application. In my solution, there're two projects: front office and back office. I'd like to share a folder that'll contain resources such as images, documents, etc... that'll be uploaded through the web application.

For example, when I upload an image using the back office, I only need to store the name of the image in my database, that way I'll be able to use this image in my front office part. So I need to share a folder between both my applications.

Thanks for responses!


As you have two Applications, I think the best thing to do it is: To Create a new Virtual Directory that maps to that folder(where the files are) into the second Application and then to write a HttpHandler that get the files from there.

  • I created a Virtual Directory in IIS and maps the folders of the front and back office to this directory. This is not exactly what I wanted to do, but it works fine for now. Thanks for answers ! – Flesym Sep 3 '09 at 7:56

You could use a branch within your source control environment if that is what you're asking.


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