what's the easiest way to implement a string id in jpa ? So far what I have is

private int id;

and what I'd like to have is something like

private String id;

but if I use it like this, I get 'this id generator generates long, integer, short'.


You can create the UUID from Java like this:


Or if your JPA supports it, like Hibernate does, you can use:

@Id @GeneratedValue(generator="system-uuid")
@GenericGenerator(name="system-uuid", strategy = "uuid")
private String myId;

Checkout this blogpost for details.

If you google for "JPA UUID" there are many alternatives.

  • Link to the blog just goes to their home page. It should be removed. – Brian Kates Oct 12 '17 at 19:56

If you are using EclipseLink, you can use the @UuidGenerator,


You should also be able to convert a sequence integer to a string if desired.

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