I need to do some screen scraping on a web page where the content I need is generated by AJAX. On the initial page there is a table with 4 tabs. When you click on any of the tabs the content of the table changes. I need the content from the 3rd tab only. I have used the google chrome 'Inspect Element' tool to see what the requests and post data was and I can get the information I need when I put the information (session id and a lot of other cookie data as well as post data) from the inspect element result into a PHP curl request. But this only works for the 30 minutes that the session lasts. Does anyone know of a way I can get to this information?


I wont reproduce the code here but I will point you to the answer. Its within this book:


A must buy for someone doing what your doing.

  • Thanks Aaron, i'll check it out. – m_grif Dec 5 '12 at 10:20

In the end I used htmlunit to get the content I needed. I also found the HTMLUnit Scripter very useful to help generate the Java code required.

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