I'm working on a long string grabbed from a Session that uses "§" (Section sign) to group and divide different parts of the string.

Example: "ArticleID | Title | Date § ArticleID | Title | Date § ArticleID | Title | Date"

I want to put this into an array using: explode("§",$str);

However, for some reason the character is totally ignored.

I have simply used a different character instead to get this working but why does PHP not recognise it?


Check the file encoding. This § can be being passed to explode() as "\xA7", "\xA7\x00" or "\xC2\xA7" depending if the PHP file is encoded as ASCII, UNICODE or UTF-8 respectively.

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    What do you mean Unicode or UTF-8? There is no such thing as encoded as Unicode. This makes no sense.
    – tchrist
    Nov 2 '10 at 23:28

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