I am currently using Maven 3 and have a really simple .ism file for InstallShield 2012.

My pom.xml creates a .jar file which is the only file used by the .ism. I can do something like this:

C:>IsCmdBld.exe -p "c:\InstallShield Projects\Simple.ism" -r "COMP" -y "1.0" 

This is of outside of my POM, but I would like to use the version info in the POM and other metadata to in the installer creation.

I'm aware no specific InstallShield plug-in does not exist for Maven, but I'm wondering if there is a way to get Maven to help out by calling the command block above, or something similar?


You could use the exec-maven-plugin and pass in the ${project.version} as part of your execution call.

Otherwise if there is an anttask for InstallShield you could use that with the antrun plugin.


While the question was asked way in the past, and I haven't had access to InstallShield for a year now, I did happen to work on a Maven plugin to introduce things that you want to achieve.


I could continue work on this to some extent if I had a licence

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