Yes. I want to override output of Category Blog component to 2 different display styles.

For first style, i copied and edited blog_item.php & blog.php in [mytemplate]/html folder. Then i choose template style from dropdown in backend of my category blog. That's worked. The display of category blog change as i expected.

But if i want to create another style and use in another category blog. How could i do ? And how to i named my files ( I tried blog_1.php, blog_item_1.php ) but only see my first style display in backend.

I'm using joomla 2.5.

Please help me. Thank you very much !


[UPDATED] I solved this issue. Here my solution:

  1. Clone my template to [my_template_2]
  2. Go to [my_template_2]/html/com_content/category then edit blog.php, blog_item.php as my needs.
  3. Go to backend, at my category blog menuitem, i assigned [my_template_2] as its template style.

Then it worked. Both my category blog have its own style.

This maybe not very good solution because i have to use multiple templates, but at this time it's quite enough for me.

Thank you, stackoverflowers.



Now, with multiple template styles, I could create unlimited styles for my category blog component within just only one template. That's very much better.

  • I have found this, as you get the "Template Style" drop down it would make sense to be able to have multiple overrides with just different names, $name.php and $name_item.php you need to keep the item as there is a method call. But this is set in the CP not the menu item :( – tristanbailey Mar 3 '14 at 13:07
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    Related question: Creating multiple layout overrides for category blog layout – Flimm Apr 6 '16 at 11:38

As you may know, joomla doesn't let developers make different styles for its components.

I think you have to list all menus which are made by "category blog component" in template managing page and let users set each menu style at there.** and at blog.php, check template setting and then load customized style...

** you have to develop a custom field element which list all "category blog component" menus.

* you can use this code to accessing template parameters in component's template :

$app        =& JFactory::getApplication();
$template   = $app->getTemplate(true);
$paramsTemplate = $template->params;
$style = $paramsTemplate->get('style');
  • Hey man. Now I understand what you said. I created 2 styles for my template, and used a template parameter to tell what style i'm currently in. So, as you said, in blog.php, I load my custom style depend on that template parameter. Thank you. This is much better than multiple templates solution. – toombeos Dec 8 '12 at 9:52
  • 2
    "As you know"? Ofcourse Joomla let's you override layouts and use multiple over rides. – Elin Dec 8 '12 at 19:34

I find new solution for this issue from this site :

Hi, before anything else - PLEASE help me, I know this is a reeeally long post, but this is something that really need an explanation. I've got a problem that no forum or joomla contact I know of have been able to solve for months. I've made my own joomla (2.5) template and I've got two menu items using the Category blog layout. So far, so good. Here's my problem: I want to use to different layout overrides to these menu items. First off, I think we need to make some term explanations so we're all on the same page.

Layout override = an override that is just affecting one specified item/element/component. So, if you are using two modules and are using a layout override, the override will just override the module specified to use the override. The other module will use the default layout. You can name the overrides as you wish.

Template override = an override that affect all the copies of the same items/element/components. To be a template override the override has to be named the same as the default file.

CAL = Category Alternative Layout, I can't really explain what this is more than what it sounds like. An alternative layout to a category, I guess this is what you choose in the category manager.

AMI = Alternative Menu Item = You can make your own menu item type, by copying the .xml file in the component's folder, so for example, copying blog.php, blog_item.php and blog.xml and change the name to something, like blogOverride.php, blogOverride_item.php and blogOverride.xml, makes a new Menu Item type show up in the list when you add a new menu item (or edit an existing) and choose what type of page it should be showing.

So, with this clarified, I want to make two different layout overrides to the menu items, let's call them menuitem1 and menuitem2 (or mi1 and mi2 for short). mi1 and mi2 are showing the articles from, let's call them, category1 respectively category2 (cat1 and cat2). So, when I've made a template override the override works perfectly! I copied components/com_content/views/category/tmpl/blog.php and blog_item.php to my templates html folder and made my changes - it works, just like that and it works for every other module or extension I've overridden. But the layout override approach to the Category Blog (and some other menu item types) is totally different and I just can't wrap my head around it and even less get it to work. This is what I've read in this matter: If you want to use layout overrides to Category Blog layouts then you can't link to it, not from a menu item, or a list, or an article or anything... What I get out of that is that if you want to use a layout overrides - you can't show them. So - basically you can't use them, but I guess I've just missed something here so I'll just wait for someone to explain it for me... When I do this... well just the default layout show. So I thought, maybe if I link the menu item to a parent category and this will show subcategories... Nope. Shouldn't be that easy, right?

I've also read this: If you want to link to a category blog using a layout override you have to go by the AMI approach. This approach does actually do something, but it doesn't use my override. It's just showing a category list, that I even haven't been fiddling around with, so it's using not the default layout. Not the provided same-named-layout override nor any other layout override, but it's using the default Category List layout!? And I really don't know where this comes from, why does the list layout load? When nothing else loads? If the layout override had some issues, I think the default layout should be used - not the list?

So, I'm really struggling with this and I'm really stuck here. It just can't be this difficult. People that I know that knows joomla thinks it's a bug. Found a bug report made by a fellow "communitee" at the official Joomla! forums but it seems it didn't qualify for a bug, not officially anyways.

And I really hope someone have been dealing with this and worked it out. If you can help me work this out, I promise I will spread the word and preach. Make what ever needed so others wanting to make the same thing really easy can find the solution. It has come to a point where I really considering abandoning Joomla. But I really like Joomla!

I'd like to end with this: If you read all the way through everything above. WOW. Thanks for reading, I'm glad you want to try to understand my problem and really hope you can guide me to my goal! If you were skipping bits, well okay, I know you have lots of other things to do, thanks for giving me some of that precious time of yours, I'm aware and appreciate every second you use to try to help me! If this is the first sentence you read, you started at the wrong end.

Best regards, cheers, med vänliga hälsningar, etc; alekks

source : http://www.buildajoomlawebsite.com/forum/category-blog-layout-overrides-i-bet-you-can-t-solve-this

Now i think, it is very easy to use AMI descriptions to solve this issue :)

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    Just make sure you add the equivalent to blog.xml. It's the xml that joomla scans for in generating the list of options to present to you when creating a menu item. – Elin Dec 8 '12 at 19:40

You don't need to use multiple styles. What you need is to use alternate layouts and alternative menu layouts. For alternative menu layouts in the html/componentname/category folder of your template make a new style with a unique set of names similar to the way blog already provides an alternative to category list in the article category layout folder. Also make a new xml file for each layout that you make, with a matching name.

When you create your menu item you will now get these alternatives along with your other normal choices. Just select the one you want.


Based on the learnings above here is my code for the /templates/mytheme/com_content/category/blog.php

And then in the Global Configuration > Article Manager Options > Category choose Blog as the override/ layout.

defined('_JEXEC') or die;

$pageclass_sfx = trim($this->pageclass_sfx);

// so pick it on the page class in menu item
if (isset($pageclass_sfx) && $pageclass_sfx != '') {
    echo $this->loadTemplate($pageclass_sfx);
} else {
    echo $this->loadTemplate('default');

I can add multiple elseif if something else is needed, or it will look for 'blog_' . $this->pageclass_sfx . 'php'. It is always beginning blog_ as thats coded into the com_content. The old blog i moved to blog_default.php and blog_default_item.php

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