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I'm trying to filter date by year using @setviewinfo. can anyone tell me how?


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Here is an example, put this formula on PostOpen event on view. It will filter all document by column with user name.

@SetViewInfo([SetViewFilter]; @UserName; "columnName"; 1; 1)

columnName - is a real name of column (you may set it in Column Property)

Remember to clean filter on QueryClose even on view, otherwise all view will use this filter.

example how u should remove filter

@Command([OpenView]; @Subset(@ViewTitle; -1));
@SetViewInfo([SetViewFilter]; ""; "columnName"; 1)

frameName is a frame that contains view, columnName is your categorized column. If you do not use frame - simply skip 1-st row

  • If you use a check box (or a combo box) select the "refresh fields on keyword change" and put the above code into the Postrecalc event (which can be changed to use formula language.)
    – Newbs
    Dec 7, 2012 at 17:25

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