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I was wondering if the default installations of apache and mysql on windows/linux are multithreaded or not?

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It depends how to look at it. MYSQL allows you to run multiple threads at the same time (this comes to available CPU/RAM resources), but it won't allow you to run single query using multiple threads.

Apache is multithreaded, this is the only way how the web application server could respond to multiple requestes from different clients

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Ok so now I usually run drupal. A lot of queries are run to display a single page. but then those wont be multi threaded right? –  Anurag Ashok Dec 5 '12 at 7:50
@AnuragAshok That is not always true. I don't know Drupal, but I often create pages that make several Ajax calls to load subcontent. These separate requests will run on different threads. –  Adam Lockhart Dec 5 '12 at 14:14

Yes. Servers have to be able to deal with many connections at once. Everything has to be on asynchronous threads.

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Yes, Apache and MySQL are multithreads. By the way, they run as a single process on the server.

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