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Has anybody successfully deployed a Composite C1 site to Go daddy ?

I have a Windows Economy package and I am using XML for storage.

After setting the Config to full trust , and adding some folders that went missing during deployment I have managed to get the front of my site to display. However , I cannot get the admin section to work. After logging in the site remains on the Initializing Composite C1 page.

Does anybody have any ideas?



Update : 05/12/2012. Currently looking like a permissions problem as an error message is now being returned (hand typed):

Failed building:Property Serializer :

Composite.Plugins.Elements.ElementProviders.MediaFileProviderElementProvider.MediaFileSearchToken Compile error CS1619(0) : Cannot create file 'xxxpathxxx\App_Data\Composite\Cache\Assemblies\CSCF59.tmp' -- Access is denied

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not quite a programming question. Any error displayed in log ? –  Raptor Dec 5 '12 at 9:02
sorry, I know its not a programming question, but I was hoping to catch a Composite C1 or GoDaddy Guru. As for the logs is there a way to check them on GoDaddy? –  Steven Dec 5 '12 at 9:07
Why not look into Azure hosting? In most cases I find cloud hosting both cheaper and more performant than these shared host scenarios. I went for Amazon AWS myself. Running my own Virtual Machine which I have complete control over, and have been paying an average of $0.70 a month! Haha :) Don't have crazy traffic though, but even if I did get loads more it would still work out cheaper to what I was paying on DiscountAspNet. –  Sean Mar 7 '13 at 15:39

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Used the Go Daddy FTP Manager to apply the Write permission to the App_Data directory , and it worked fine.

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Thanks for this @Steven. Ran into this myself. For anyone else, running into this, you should have these 4 permission settings Web Visible = Checked, Web Writable = Chacked, Inherit = Unchecked, Set all Subfolders to inherit permissions = Checked. When I opened this dialog box, Inherit was checked, so I left it and just setting the others did not totally work until I unchecked Inherit. I guess it was inheriting root..and not setting subfolders to inherit from this folder which is what I thought. Anyway, thank you! –  JMDenver Jun 26 '14 at 2:58

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