I have an excel sheet with some text in numerous cells and need to combine them into one cell. Easy, except one of the cells is a date and when combining the text you get the date in base number format and not in date format.


A1 = "One" A2 = "Two" A3 = "05.12.2012" A4 = =A1&" "&A2&" "&A3 = "One Two 41248"

Anyone know what I need to do before A3 in order for the formula to return 05.12.2012 instead of 41248. I have tried "DATE" and "DATEVALUE" etc.

If it is relevent, the date is derived from a formula which looks for a value in an array. I have left out this forumla for ease of reading.


A4 = =A1&" "&A2&" "&TEXT(A3,"DD.MM.YYYY")

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    Great answer, thank you. Unfortunatley it does not quite work with my simple example. The day and month appear properly but the year is just YYYY. I have to use a semi-colom instead of a comma after the A3, but that should not make a difference. Any ideas why mine is still not working? – Kevin Anthony Oppegaard Rose Dec 5 '12 at 13:02
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    I found out my problem. I am using the Norwegian version of excel so I need to replace YYYY (year) with ÅÅÅÅ (år) and it works perfectly. – Kevin Anthony Oppegaard Rose Dec 5 '12 at 13:25
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    Glad you figured it out! You can use any of the normal excel formatting options in the text function, e.g. =TEXT(A3,"DDD DD MMM YY") would result in Mon 05 Dec 12. – Mark Backler Dec 5 '12 at 13:49

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