I'm using Python 3.2.3 IDLE. I see some people using the reduce commmand but for some reason I don't have it. Like the code doesn't come up in purple and it recognizes reduce as a variable.

Here's part of my code:

numbers = [10, 11, 11]
numbertotal = (set(numbers))
#removes duplicates in my list, therefore, the list only contains [10, 11]
print ("The sum of the list is", (sum(numbertotal))) #sum is 21
print ("The product of the list is" #need help here, basically it should be 10 * 11 = 110

I basically want to multiply the list after I remove the duplicates in numbertotal.


Your reduce hides in:

from functools import reduce

print("The product of the list is", reduce(lambda x,y:x*y, numbertotal))


from functools import reduce
import operator as op

print("The product of the list is", reduce(op.mul, numbertotal))

In python3 it has been moved to functools. The 2to3 handles this case.

  • oh okay. i think i got the command running but it didn't work with my code :( – Average kid Dec 5 '12 at 13:34

Does this work for you?

product = 1
for j in numbertotal:
    product = product * j
print 'The product of the list is', product
  • like a charm :) thank u sir – Average kid Dec 5 '12 at 13:35

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