I'm curious: what does the "PLT" in PLT-Scheme (now called racket) stand for? The closest I could come to an answer was that "“PLT” refers to the group that is the core of the Racket development team" on this page.


No one is really sure but this might enlighten you.


Because link only answers are never a good idea

PLT was never a defined acronym. Originally the designers were part of the Rice Universities Programming Language Team, but once the team expanded past this the acronym no longer fit. Even having no full form, the name stuck around. (for a while, it's now Racket)

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PLT stands for "Programming Languages Team". The team that originally created PLT Scheme (now Racket.)

  • That has not been cited. Its just a rumour. The creators were the programming language team of their university but its suggested to be an inside joke between them
    – cjds
    Dec 5 '12 at 14:01

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