Is it possible to impersonate a user without supplying user name/password? Basically, I'd like to get the CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA for a user (not the current one) using the ShGetFolderPath() function. All I currently have is a SID for that user.


You can impersonate a user without supplying password by calling ZwCreateToken. See the CreatePureUserToken function in this article: GUI-Based RunAsEx You must be running as an admin (or LocalSystem) for this to work.

Another technique is to use Windows Subauthentication Packages. This allows you to override windows built-in authentication and allow a LogonUser to succeed even if no password was supplied. See this KB article.


No, you have to call Win32 API LogonUser function to get windows account token back so you can then impersonate.

  • Hmm, that explains why I can't get it work properly... Is there any other way to get that path? Thanks.
    – dennisV
    Sep 26 '08 at 1:34

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