How to Fetch Content in A Div Class using PHP Simple HTML DOM Parser.
Here i want to fetch content from a div class like:

<div class="post" imposition="usermanual">Some Content </div>

So, what is the way to fetch content using this div class post? I have tried this code but dont works:

$es = $html->find('.post');
$es = $html->find('div.post'); // also try this
$es = $html->find('div[class="post"]'); // also try this

Any idea?


Under the Magic Attributes tab of How to access the HTML element's attributes, you'll find how to access an object's innertext property. There's also a plaintext property.

$es = $html->find('div[class="post"]', 0);
echo $es->innertext; // Some Content 
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    Thanks for the help :) – Max Muller Dec 7 '12 at 16:27

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