I would like to open all my useful stuff like here in iTerm2:

iTerm2 without tmux

Not like this:

iTerm2 with tmux

I'm using tmuxinator I've defined some tabs. I wonder if it's possible to get the former behaviour at all.

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I just tried with tmux 1.8. Not totally obvious, but it works.

Here's what you do:

  1. Open iTerm2 (latest, be sure to have at least tmux 1.8 installed).
  2. In iTerm2, run command tmux <your tmuxinator profile>. Then detach ^b d.
  3. In iTerm2, run command tmux -CC attach -t <your session>. You will see your tabs open in different windows.
  4. Open menu Shell->Tmux->Dashboard
  5. Select and hide all the windows.
  6. Select all the hidden windows, and click Open in Tabs.

I'd like to know how to avoid the part about hiding and opening in tabs.

  • Thanks, reading the doc was not enough to make it work. Even now, it's weird as this opened a new window with the tabs. I was hopping for a much better integration.
    – sorin
    Jan 3, 2014 at 10:19
  • I've switched to opening an extra tab for each newly opened window, then you can drag and drop the tmuxinator-iterm2 tabs. Easier. Jan 6, 2014 at 17:31

Just wanted to add some comments onto what justingordon mentioned (1).

This all works great. But I found how to streamline step 4-6 so it happens automatically.

Go to iTerm2's Preferences, under General, you will see a section titled tmux. There's an option that says When attaching, open unrecognized windows in. If you change the current selection from Windows to Tabs.

Two extra tips.

  1. If you want you could select the option Automatically hide the tmux client session after connection. This will minimize the iTerm2 window in which you typed

    tmux -CC attach

  2. I also enabled the option Focus follows mouse. You can find this option under Preferences then Pointer. It should be the first option on the bottom left.


To use tmuxinator with iterm2 panes, use the following configuration:

 attach: false

in combination with

  - tmux -CC attach -t way

It looks like an issue in the documentations as told here

This is an example that I normally use:

# ~/.tmuxinator/way.yml
name: way
root: ~/learn/ruby/ruby-way/
attach: false
  - tmux -CC attach -t way

# Runs before everything. Use it to start daemons etc.
  - export EDITOR="emacsclient --server-file=way -c"
  - export VISUAL=$EDITOR
  - emacs --daemon=way --title=RUBY-WAY
  - $EDITOR &

  - console:
      - echo "A currar"
  - testing:
      - echo "A testear"

I hope that this helps.


Add this to your tmuxinator config:

attach: false
post: tmux -CC attach


  • 1
    POST was deprecated in favor of project hooks
    – GabLeRoux
    Apr 8, 2019 at 13:00

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