I realize that a local SQL Server instance is not accessible to my Windows 8 app. Instead, I have a SQL Server in Azure. In SQL Server Management Studio, I just change the querystring and interact with the Azure database like any other. How can I reference that database in my Windows 8 app?


You can't access directly on sql databases.. Because Windows 8 Apps different from windows forms. But you can be used web services or azure, amazon services, storage files etc.

  • What is this "amazon"? Just kidding. ;) – Jerry Nixon Apr 23 '13 at 16:26

This is what the Azure Mobile Services SDK is for. Scott Guthrie did a writeup on it a while back.

Undoubtedly you're aware that both ado.net and Entity Framework are missing from WinRT... Notice the glaring absence of support for System.Data.


sounds like you want to develop a web service talking to your database, deploy it to IIS on your Azure instance and then consume it from your Windows 8 application (by adding a web reference to your web service in Visual Studio).


You can also place an OData head on the database, then use various OData client-side libraries to talk to it via REST. See http://www.odata.org/libraries for both client and server libraries. SQL Server on Azure is definitely supported, as is .NET, JavaScript, and other platforms on the client side.

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