It appears that pthread_sigmask does not work on Android. The issue seems to have been reported 2 years back here but there has been no response from developers. I am running into a very similar issue (my code below for reference). Am I doing something wrong, or is it an issue with Android NDK? And any tips/help on how I can use two threads with handling of a particular signal restricted to a thread?

I am running this code on Android 2.2.

// block the signal in this thread
sigset_t signals;
sigaddset(&signals, SIGALRM);
int ret = pthread_sigmask(SIG_BLOCK, &signals, NULL);
if (ret) {
    LOG("pthread_sigmask failed. %d", ret);

I am getting an error 22 (EINVAL). I am getting the same error for SIG_UNBLOCK too.

Update: Looks like it works on 4.1 devices. I tried on a 4.1 and it seems to succeed. It failed on 2.3 and 4.0 devices as well.

Any hints on how to ensure signal handler for a particular signal runs on only one thread? Thanks in advance for any help.


It looks like the implementation was fixed here:


You may be able to use sigprocmask() instead, though the behavior isn't officially defined for multi-threaded processes.

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