I'd like to use Intel Accelerated Android Emulator images. I noticed that API 16 has a Intel x86 Atom System Image but API 17 does not. Is this by design or they simply haven't gotten around to generating it yet?

Is there a way to upgrade the API 16 image to work with level 17 APIs?


API 17 has support for the x86 system image.x86 System Image for API 17

  • Sure took them long enough... :) – Gili May 24 '13 at 18:02

As I remember, the same situation was with API 16. And one day Intel released their image. So, as you said:

they simply haven't gotten around to generating it yet

I'm not competent enough to answer on your second question, but I dont think that it's possibe or it's just not worth it (if it was possible, I think we would already have Intel System Images for more than 3 APIs).

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