I am alittle confuse about CSS Selectors, I understand that we can group multiple css selectors with a comma if they share similar attributes, but what about multiple css selectors without commas e.g like this:

.ui-datepicker-rtl { direction: rtl; }
.ui-datepicker-rtl .ui-datepicker-prev { right: 2px; left: auto; }
.ui-datepicker-rtl .ui-datepicker-next { left: 2px; right: auto; }

When you use the comma, like

#menu, .item

you are saying:

all elements whose id is menu AND all elements whose class is item

When you nest selectors without the comma, like

#menu .item

you are saying

all elements that has class item inside a container whose id is menu

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    +1 Juan, though I don't mind learning how to fish, but your answer prevented many to reinvent the wheel. – Farhan Jul 25 '13 at 13:55

This selects descendants.

.ui-datepicker-rtl .ui-datepicker-prev will pick all decendants of elements with class ui-datepicker-rtl who have class ui-datepicker-prev

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