I have registered a Copyright profile in preferences and set it as the default. I also have a scope registered for that profile set to "All". I can add it to a file by doing "cmd+N (generate) -> Copyright".

I don't want to have to do this manually for every new class I create. how can I have this automatically added to all new classes from now on?


Copyright is not added automatically to the new files, you can use the Update Copyright action on the project root node in the Project View to add/update it for all the files at once or you can enable Update Copyright option in the Commit Project dialog to be sure that files shared via VCS always have the most recent copyright.

UPDATE: I've verified that copyright is added automatically for me, however it may be hard to notice that it was actually added as by default it appears at the very top of the file and is collapsed, editor also doesn't scroll to the top and remains where it was. If you scroll editor up and unfold the top comment, you should be able to see the automatically added copyright. You can also change the Location in files setting per file type to see that it's added when the new file is created.

Here is the screencast showing that it works.

  • Do you know the reason for this? This seems rather error prone. It's very likely that I will forget to click on "Update Copyright" or add it when committing. – Paul Robinson Dec 9 '12 at 16:57
  • I think the current way of doing this is pretty easy. An automatism isn't really needed, but would be a nice feature indeed. – sorencito Dec 10 '12 at 6:52
  • Many thanks @CrazyCoder for the screencast. Unfortunately, it still doesn't work for me. I've created the same video as you, but I don't get the copyright added: youtube.com/watch?v=dNGQATfkTKE You may want to watch it in 1080p as it's not really viewable in the default res. Cheers! – Paul Robinson Dec 11 '12 at 19:10
  • Copyright keyword is not specified in your configuration, so IDEA may think that copyright is already present and therefore doesn't add it. Please try to specify some word in this field that is present only in files that already have copyright added. Also check if you can reproduce it in another project. – CrazyCoder Dec 11 '12 at 21:39
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    @JasonCrosby $today.year – CrazyCoder Aug 21 '13 at 11:28

You have to set the Default Project Copyright for your project.

Go to File | Settings | Editor | Copyright, after you have made a new Copyright Profile, you must select it from the drop-down list as the Default project copyright.

You have to set this for every project, but once it is set, it should automatically be inserted at the top of every new file created in that project.


This might lead to Duplicate Copyright messages, if there is one already in the file. If you don't have existing comments(or you are ok with over writing them) & are in hurry to put comments in, here is a quick way to get them in.

Note: Used on Android Studio

Running Copyright across Package

Referenced: https://www.jetbrains.com/help/idea/2016.1/generating-and-updating-copyright-notice.html#d1722070e316 look for To update a copyright notice


If you are using IntelliJ 14 or above versions. This is what you need to do. Go to File | Setting. Then select File and Code Templates under Editor like shown in below image. enter image description here. Then add copyright license here as shown. Then click on Apply and OK.


Go to File->Settings->Copyrights->Copyright Profiles and add a new copyright profile. Validate it and click Apply, as in the below image,

enter image description here

Then go to File->Settings->Copyright and select newly entered profile as Default project copyright and click OK, as in the below image

enter image description here

More information can be found in IntelliJ IDEA Setup. (This should work now. If the copyright still not coming automatically to files, enter "Alt+Insert" and select copyright)

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