I am trying to write a Jekyll converter for R Markdown files. I created RMarkdownConverter.rb and placed it in my _plugins directory. I have verified that other plugins are working but this one is not. I also don't see any error messages, including the ones I put in myself. It seems this is not being used. However, Jekyll is generating an HTML file for my .Rmd file but simply processes the R chuck as code chuck. Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

RMarkdownConverter.rb file:

module Jekyll
    class RMarkdownConverter < Converter
        safe true
        priority :low

    def setup
      STDERR.puts "Setting up R Markdown..."
      return if @setup
      require 'rinruby'
      @setup = true
      STDERR.puts 'do `gem install rinruby`'
      raise FatalException.new("Missing dependency: rinruby")

        def matches(ext)
            ext =~ /Rmd/i

        def output_ext(ext)

        def convert(content)
      STDERR.puts "Using R Markdown..."
      R.eval "require(knitr)"
      R.eval "render_markdown(strict=TRUE)"
      R.assign "content", content
      STDERR.puts content
      R.eval "out <- knit(text=content)"
      R.eval "print(out)"

The contents of my first R Markdown post:

layout: post
title: Using (R) Markdown, Jekyll, and Github for Blogging
published: true
tags: R R-Bloggers Jekyll github
type: post
status: publish

First, we need to install [RinRuby](https://sites.google.com/a/ddahl.org/rinruby-users/) to call R from Ruby. In the terminal, execute:

    gem install rinruby

First R chuck:

2 + 2

Try replacing the last few lines with the following

R.assign "content", content
R.eval "knitr::render_markdown(strict = TRUE)"
R.pull "(knitr::knit2html(text = content, fragment.only = TRUE))"

I think you need R.pull to copy the contents of R output to Ruby. Moreover, I would recommend directly converting from Rmd to html. I have used this strategy successfully in working with Ruhoh which is another ruby based blogging platform.

UPDATE. It is very odd but using the extension rmd seems to conflict with md. I changed it randomly to ram and jekyll seems to pick it up correctly. I am not sure why.

  • It also appears that if you add markdown_ext: markdown to _config.yml Jekyll will the process the rmd files. However, it also means that md files will not be processed. Not a big deal for me as I have been using .markdown file extensions. – jbryer Dec 11 '12 at 1:01
  • There should be a way to do this without invoking rinruby which is known to be slow. I am exploring how to use a shell command directly to process Rmd files, however the backticks used by knitr trips up shell execution. – Ramnath Dec 11 '12 at 3:21

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