How do I add a submenu from the menu below? I need a submenu to open, say, after clicking


I want a submenu to be opened to the side of the main menu.

   void MyMenu::cppSlot()
            QMenu *xmenu = new QMenu;
            xmenu->addMenu("A -> Setup");
            xmenu->addMenu("B -> Setup");
            xmenu->addMenu("C -> Setup");
            xmenu->addMenu("D -> Setup");
            xmenu->addMenu("E -> Setup");
            //Change font and width
            xmenu->setFont(QFont ("Courier", 10));
            //Colour setting
            /*QPalette palette=xmenu->palette();
            palette.setColor(QPalette::Window, Qt::black);
            palette.setColor(QPalette::Window, Qt::text);

            // Align the menu coordinates
           // xmenu->


  • You need to add action to created submenus. If menu is empty it will not appear – Kamil Klimek Dec 10 '12 at 10:27

QMenu::addMenu() returns a pointer to the created submenu. You can use these pointers to add actions for the submenus.

The following code:

QMenu *xmenu = new QMenu();
QMenu* submenuA = xmenu->addMenu( "A" );
QMenu* submenuB = xmenu->addMenu( "B" );
QMenu* submenuC = xmenu->addMenu( "C" );
QMenu* submenuD = xmenu->addMenu( "D" );
QMenu* submenuE = xmenu->addMenu( "E" );
QAction* actionA_Setup = submenuA->addAction( "Setup" );
QAction* actionB_Setup = submenuB->addAction( "Setup" );
QAction* actionC_Setup = submenuC->addAction( "Setup" );
QAction* actionD_Setup = submenuD->addAction( "Setup" );
QAction* actionE_Setup = submenuE->addAction( "Setup" );

(Hint: This cries for a loop)

will produce a menu like this:

Screenshot of the created menu

You can then connect slots to the triggered() signal of the returned actions (e.g. actionA_Setup).

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