I found two ways how i can easier develop web app for iPhone.



But I can't do it on Windows, because for windows is only Safari 5. Have you any ideas how I can solve this problem?


Congrats on doing iOS development! As pointed out in the comments, your best bet is to be running Mac OS when developing on iOS, whether you're developing a native or web application. Just as if you were to develop a Windows application where you'd need to be running Microsoft Windows, you'll need Mac OS to do iOS development.

Good luck!

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    You actually don't need a Windows machine to write Windows apps (or Linux for Linux apps), particularly for web-based ones. Apple just goes to great lengths to require a Mac for iOS development and testing. However, tools and services like BrowserStack can help a lot here. – Brandon Paddock Jul 16 '15 at 22:18

That's no big deal if you want to develop a web app because all you got to know is some XHTML and I would recommend that you get Dreamweaver for a better experience :)

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