Can anyone explain to me what \u001B[J within a string might represent? I'm converting an input byte stream to an ascii string. Perhaps the stream is in some other encoding.


This is how I read the stream

inputStreamReader = new InputStreamReader(session.getStdout(), "ASCII");

int length = inputStreamReader.read(buffer);
stringBuilder.append(buffer, 0, length);

// LOG the result
  • but where do you see this string? – vishal_aim Dec 10 '12 at 12:51

That is Unicode 1B (the ESC character), followed by the two characters [ and J, an ANSI escape sequence common on many terminals.

That particular one clears the screen. Others can be found here.


means unicode

Unicode is stored in 2 bytes, so after \u there is 4x hexa bytes, in this case is \u001B The [J is from other

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