I am trying to send data using Hashtable on photon cloud, I do receive the data with correct eventCode, but the key-value pair returns some random numbers. My code is like this while sending data:-

void NetworkLogic::sendEvent(void)
    ExitGames::Common::Hashtable* table =new ExitGames::Common::Hashtable;
        const ExitGames::Common::Hashtable temp = (const ExitGames::Common::Hashtable)*table;//= new ExitGames::Common::Hashtable;
        mLoadBalancingClient.opRaiseEvent(false, temp, 100);

While receiving data, the code is like this:-

void NetworkLogic::customEventAction(int playerNr, nByte eventCode, const ExitGames::Common::Hashtable& eventContent)
    // you do not receive your own events, unless you specify yourself as one of the receivers explicitly, so you must start 2 clients, to receive the events, which you have sent, as sendEvent() uses the default receivers of opRaiseEvent() (all players in same room like the sender, except the sender itself)
    PhotonPeer_sendDebugOutput(&mLoadBalancingClient, DEBUG_LEVEL_ALL, L"");

What I get printed on console is some random values or int, while it should be 21. What am I doing wrong here?

In customEventAction() when I used the following statement:

cout<<"Event code = "<<eventCode<<endl;

I got the following output:

Event code = d

I searched and found that 'i' is the value of EG_INTEGER which means the value I am sending is getting received properly. I am just not been able to convert it back to int. And why the event code is coming as 'd'?

  • Please ignore the last line. I forgot to cast the eventcode to int, so it was printing char :/ – noob Dec 10 '12 at 15:28

returns an Object. You can't simply cast that Object to int, but have to access the int value inside it:

            myInt = ExitGames::Common::ValueObject<int>(eventContent.getValue(4)).getDataCopy();
cout << myInt;
  • Thanks a ton. This code worked, although I need to do some minor edits, which I did in your answer too. Thanks again, now My Multiplayer thing will be complete. – noob Dec 12 '12 at 6:43

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