In the new Google Maps for Android API v2, I can very easily get custom markers and info windows to display. However, I'm trying to have multiple buttons inside of my info window, that each perform a different onClick action but the problem is, the map treats the InfoWindow as it's own button object (no matter where I click on the InfoWindow, it presses the entire thing). Does anyone know how to customize this a bit more?


Just found this in the documentation.

As mentioned in the previous section on info windows, an info window is not a live View, rather the view is rendered as an image onto the map. As a result, any listeners you set on the view are disregarded and you cannot distinguish between click events on various parts of the view. You are advised not to place interactive components — such as buttons, checkboxes, or text inputs — within your custom info window.

Unfortunately, that answers it. I was trying to add the same function as you.

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