I'm wondering if there's a quick and simple way to style the HTML5 audio element to display what I want. I was wondering if you could turn certain controls on and off, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

I do not want a progress/track bar, or to display the time left. I just want a simple play/pause toggle button, and a mute/unmute toggle button.

That's all! Any ideas?


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Use this code it will serve your purpose.

<!DOCTYPE html>
 <audio id="player" src="horse.ogg"></audio>
    <button onclick="document.getElementById('player').play()">Play</button>
    <button onclick="document.getElementById('player').pause()">Pause</button>
    <button onclick="document.getElementById('player').muted=!document.getElementById('player').muted">Mute/ Unmute</button>
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    Thank you so much.... It worked for me and i could substitute <button> by <a> and put a font-awesome "fa-volume-up" icon....
    – MMG
    Feb 25, 2016 at 8:23

You could use the Media API and build your own set of controls with the functionality you want. I've written about this: Working with HTML5 multimedia components – Part 3: Custom controls - which shows a video example, but you can just as easily build an audio one.


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