Try to select one column from pg_shadow table the following way:

role_tbl = Table('pg_shadow', MetaData(engine), autoload=True)

And get an error:

* AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'class_'


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The error is the result of having no entity in the query:

The keyword expressions are extracted from the primary entity of the query, or the last entity that was the target of a call to Query.join().

where an entity is a mapped class, or the Table object, but you're querying a single column. The proper way to filter would be:

db.query(role_tbl.c.passwd).filter(role_tbl.c.usename == 'name')

In a more recent version of SQLAlchemy the error is:

NoInspectionAvailable: No inspection system is available for object of type <class 'NoneType'>

Try this one:


Or probably there is no such column in this table.

You can check it by printing all columns

print role_tbl.columns

P.S. And also you should use one instance of metadata: MetaData(engine) (it should store information about all tables)


To select only one column you can use Select.with_only_columns:

from sqlalchemy import MetaData, Table, Column, Text
meta = MetaData()
table = Table('user', meta,
              Column("name", Text),
              Column("full_name", Text))
stmt = (table.select()

# SELECT "user".name
# FROM "user"

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