I have ZF2 application in some cases I want to get parameter 'number' from the routing and make it available to all views. I tried to use events but problem with my solution is that $number is then available only in the layout and not in the views. Here is my code

$sharedEvents = $moduleManager->getEventManager()->getSharedManager();
$sharedEvents->attach( __NAMESPACE__, 'dispatch', function ( $e ) {
    $route = $e->getRouteMatch();
    $number = $route->getParam( 'number' );
    $view = $e->getViewModel();
    $view->setVariable( 'searchQuery', $number );
}, 90 );

Any thoughts?


Problem solved it is accessible in view through


More about this topic is available here


Maybe this can help you:

$childView = $e->getViewModel()->getChildren();

$childView[0]->searchQuery = $number;

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