Suppose I have written my BL in pure, native C++ (for the expressed purpose of reusing it on other platforms), and now I want to expose certain classes as WinRT Components (so that I can write the UI in C#).

Is there any code generator that will automatically generate equivalent 'ref classes' (WinRT components) for a given native C++ class, and generate the mapping code of copying a set of properties from one to the other (sort of like what AutoMapper does for .NET POCOs?)

  • Not available. Maybe some day but I wouldn't hold my breath for that. The language projection works well enough from WinRT to C++/CX thanks to the limited set of types to deal with but not the other way around. And tooling required to parse C++ reliably (like Edison's) costs an arm and a leg. – Hans Passant Dec 12 '12 at 14:11
  • "automatically generate equivalent 'ref classes'" - ref classes are always reference counted. Given that property, there cannot be an equivalent ref class for every C++ class. Multiple inheritance in C++ also maps poorly to the WinRT type system. Unless your C++ implementation exposes its services through a well defined ABI (like COM), you cannot hope for any tool to step in and help out. COM TypeLibs, .winmd files, and .NET's metadata use a well defined ABI. That's why you can find automatic conversion tools for each of those. – IInspectable Aug 29 '16 at 16:00

There is no such tool and it's not the idea of WinRT and Cx to need one. I'd say it's a part of your architectural responsibility in that native C++ logic.

How WinRT and C++ environment targeting Windows 8 helps you is:

  • you can easily mix ISO C++ code with Cx/WinRT based C++ code, potential direction is a wrapper
  • you can write WinRT component in 100% ISO C++ with using WRL and some COM magic that could help you rethink the BL to adapt it for the new target

Below links are pointers for WRL template library:

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