I am working on a simulation project and I need to port this Webgl example with Three.js. I already know some shaders and have worked with Three.js. Any help will be appreciated.

Webgl Water



I figured out the best way for water simulation in plan geometry - check the answer in

Three.js Water Shaders migration from r48 to r52

texture uniform changes: texture units are now assigned automatically, texture object goes to value property instead of texture one { type: "t", value: 0, texture: map } => { type: "t", value: map }


Check the sourcecode of his project (I used firebug for firefox). His javascripts is not minified, so they are pretty readable. So assuming you know your water simulation theory, it should not be that hard to get a grasp on :)

  • please send the link :) – Ahmed Hussein Dec 12 '12 at 10:48
  • Simply get firebug from here link, go to the project site and activate it. Then you can browse the js files. – JonR Dec 12 '12 at 11:14

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