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How would this have to be created if possible? Can it only be created in cPanel, or is it possible to make a script for users to use without logging into cPanel that allows them to make their domain?

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cPanel is a 'script' to - written in perl. if it can be done in perl it can be done in php –  Dagon Dec 11 '12 at 22:27

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That should be possible depending on your hosting / server setup:

  1. Add a wildcard domain CNAME record *.yourdomain.com;
  2. Use a rewrite rule to direct all traffic to anything.yourdomain.com to a php script to handle the requests;
  3. Do whatever you want in your php script: Use a header redirect, present another page in an iframe, etc.
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A subdomain is just an entry in the DNS server configuration. Likely you'll be able to update the configuration by adding a bunch of lines in a file, or a new file altogether. This really depends on the DNS server software, maybe the one you use also has an API to be updated via a TCP socket.

Also if the target IP is shared (and thus you use name-based virtual host), or it's a different one, maybe you want an HTTP server listening on the port 80 on that IP.

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