$command = "SetBaseStationParam(\\\"PDP_ACTIVATION_REJECT\\\",0);"
system (boa.exp $command);

boa.exp script will take this command login to a linux machine and executes the script.

# /Usr/bin/expect 
set timeout 5
set arg1 [lindex 0]
spawn ssh root@10.xx.xx.xx

expect "password:" 
send "pass\r"
expect "$" 

send "$arg1\r"
expect "$"

But this script is removing the first double quotes in the command and printing it as

output is


Expected output is


Please let me know if there is any solution for this


When you use double backslashes it escapes the backslash, so the proper way to escape a quote is \".

However, a better solution is to use qq(). It can be used with a great variety of characters as delimiter, such as | for example:

$command = qq|SetBaseStationParam("PDP_ACTIVATION_REJECT",0)|;

Or in your case, even use single quotes

$command = 'SetBaseStationParam("PDP_ACTIVATION_REJECT",0)';

You should be aware that not using

use strict;
use warnings;

Is a very bad idea indeed.

  • It didnt work even with qq or single quotes ('). Now the output which is with qq or single quotes SetBaseStationParam(PDP_ACTIVATION_REJECT,1) – Tkills Dec 12 '12 at 18:51
  • Try using list form, e.g. system(qw|boa.exp SetBaseStationParam("PDP_ACTIVATION_REJECT",0)|); then the shell does the quoting itself. – TLP Dec 12 '12 at 22:19

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